Lenovo rolls out new products in US

Added On June 12, 2016

A Chinese information technology company Lenovo Group rolled out a number of new products and shared its vision for the future of the information industry at an annual event in San Francisco.
Lenovo held its first annual event, Lenovo Tech World 2016, closer to the Silicon Valley in Northern California on the U.S. west coast.
The event demonstrated several concept devices, including ones with flexible screens, connected smart shoes, and virtual reality(VR) goggles.
Yang Yuanqing, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the multinational company noted that Lenovo sees device innovation, device plus cloud connectivity and infrastructure as "three pillars of future technology."
Yang said the rapidly changing landscape means entirely new concepts and categories in cloud and connectivity are emerging.
"So Lenovo, our advantage is integrating our traditional device strength with our new capabilities in mobile, in cloud, and in infrastructure, to meet customers needs, for balanced device + cloud innovation."
However, big hits on the stage were a number of mobile devices, including the world's first smartphone powered by Tango technology, which was developed by Google to sense and map the surroundings of the user with a set of sensors and software, making a host of augmented reality (AR) experiences possible.
"Lenovo is creating a new kind of AR experience, that is more portable,more practicable, and will be even more popular than any other smartphone."
In addition, Lenovo announced a new Moto family of smartphones. It acquired Motorola Mobility in 2014 from Google reportedly with 660 million U.S. dollars in cash and 750 million dollars in Lenovo stocks.
"Now your phone is not just your phone. Your phone can transform into whatever you want it be, or need it be, in a snap, like a magic."
Founded in the 1980s and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE) since 1994, the global Fortune 500 company reported 44.9 billion dollars in annual revenues on the 2015/2016 balance sheet.