EU referendum campaigns restart

Added On June 20, 2016

The Remain and Leave campaigns of EU referendum resumed in Hyde Park on Sunday after a three-day suspension due to Jo Cox attack.
Latest opinion polls have seen "Remain" gain ground.
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Following the tragic murder of 41-year-old politician Jo Cox, all campaigning was put on hold.
But it was business as usual Sunday as big names from Prime Minister David Cameron for Remain to former London mayor Boris Johnson for Leave, resumed their verbal clashes to win support.
Stanley Johnson, father of the Brexit group leader Boris Johnson, gave a speech to support the Remain group.
" I am here to make our case, because my view as follows, all these key issues can be sorted out, they will be sorted out much better if we stay in than we poll out. What is what you have been hearing from the other side is take control. Well my message today is: yes, stay in and take control. We are going aboard that ship which is the European ship of state. They are gonna cheer us on board, they are gonna pipe the pipe as we come back on board."
Young professionals are significant supporters of the Remain group, who tend to be more gentle and inclusive toward the issue of immigration and national diversity.
They believe that the UK could cooperate with other European countries and make progress together.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH)  Remain Campaigner
"I think it’s the best thing for our country, you know there is a really big debate about what kind of country want to be. I wanna us work with other countries in Europe, and around the world. I think it’s gonna be the best thing for our economy, and I think the whole world will be happy to see the United Kingdom, you know working together with the rest of the world for a better future."
OUNDBITE(ENGLISH) Leave Campaigner                                        "For forty-three years, we have been under the thumb of Europe. What we want is to make decisions about our own country, we want to be able to control the number of people coming here, and works they do."
Latest polls still show the result hangs in the balance, mainly due to the high number of those among the estimated 43 million voters, yet to decide which side to support.
The voters will make the final decision on Thursday.