Spain general elections

Added On June 27, 2016

Over to Spain.
Preliminary results have shown that the People's Party of acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy won most seats in the general election on Sunday.
"Spain is holding general elections for the second time in six months. It is expected that political parties will have to negotiate as none of them would have majority to form government, like it happened last December."
With 95 percent of votes counted, the People's Party won 33 percent of the votes, which translated into 137 seats in Spain's 350-seat Congress.
The Spanish Socialist Party finished second with 22.77 percent of the votes.
However, it will still be difficult for Rajoy to form a coalition government given that center-right party Ciudadanos lost ground on Sunday.
The political balance in Spain has not fundamentally changed after the latest election. Despite the People's Party gained more support than they did during the last election, a coalition between the party and Ciudadanos would only give them a total of 169 seats, seven short of an overall majority.