EU meets on UK's single market access

Added On June 30, 2016

European Union leaders met for the first time without Britain on Wednesday after it voted to leave the EU.
Leaders have agreed that Britain can access the bloc's single market only if it agrees to allow free movement for EU workers.
European Council President Donald Tusk said that 27 EU countries would not grant Britain access to the block's single market if Britain did not accept EU's rules on free movement of people.
"Leaders made it crystal clear that today that access to the single market requires acceptance of all four freedoms including the freedom of movement; there will be no single market 'a la carte'".
"Four freedoms" involve movement of workers, capital, goods and services, which must be maintained by any country that wants access to EU's common market. 
"What is important is that the 27 plus Donald and myself we were expressing the view that there would be no internal market 'a la carte' so those who want to have free access to our internal market, they have to implement four freedoms without exceptions and I have to add, without nuances."
EU leaders as well reconfirmed that Britain's exit must be "orderly" and there will be no negotiations of any kind until the UK formally notifies its intention to withdraw.
Wednesday's summit was the first meeting of European leaders without their British counterpart in 41 years. Tusk said the discussion was "calm and serious", admitting that it was "a serious moment in our common history."
Britons voted to leave the EU by 52 percent to 48 last Thursday. But Britain still wants a "close relationship" with the EU after the vote and seeks to secure access to the bloc's single market.