Man gets package 26 yrs after it was mailed

Added On July 16, 2016

How long would you wait for your package to arrive before you thought...this piece of mail is lost forever?
A former postal worker here in Idaho waited a long time.
When marvin wilson opened his mailbox Tuesday afternoon, he discovered a blast from the past.
SOUNDBITE: Marvin Wilson, Boise Resident
"I was going through the mail and I noticed I got a little package. The package has a date of april 23rd 1990...twenty-six years two months and nineteen days later it gets here."
Marvin got his hands on the piece of mail -- and noticed it came from his mother who died eight years ago.
In the old envelope was a stack of pictures of his wife, sister, and brother-in-law, from a trip they had taken to Las Vegas to compete in a dog show.
SOUNDBITE: Marvin Wilson, Boise Resident
"Sister loralee, Mike, and Vickie my wife... And this is the other dog, our black cockerspaniel we were showing at the time.. It's just.. It's memories."
What makes this story even better is that Marvin was a mail carrier in boise for forty years.
He says in the nineties sorting had to be done by hand, and he can easily see how his package could have been misplaced.
Marvin says he's thankful the recipient forwarded the mail so it finally reached him.