German train axe attack

Added On July 19, 2016

A 17-year-old Afghan refugee wielding an axe and a knife attacked passengers on a train in southern Germany on Monday evening, wounding four people.
The attacker was shot dead by police.
Local officials said the man attacked the passengers shortly after the train arrived at Wuerzburg.
Among the four wounded, three were in critical condition. The other one suffered from minor injuries. 
The train was running between Treuchlingen and Wuerzburg in Bavaria. 
Investigators say the attacker was a 17-year-old Afghan asylum seeker. He was shot while trying to attack police. It appeared that he had acted alone.
Investigators say the young man possibly shouted Islamic words, but would not go into details, saying it has to be verified.
Police at the moment refused to comment on the motive of the attack.
In May, a 27-year-old man stabbed four victims at a train station near Munich, killing one and injuring the other three.