African nations moot construction of trans-Saharan fiber optic cable

Added On August 1, 2016

N'DJAMENA, Aug. 1 (Xinhua) -- A meeting of ICT ministers from four African nations was held in Chad over the weekend to craft strategies for construction of a Trans-Saharan fibre optic cable that will connect North, West and Central Africa regions.

Those in attendance included Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) ministers from Algeria, Mali, Niger and Chad.
"Interconnection of these regions through broadband will contribute to the reduction of high costs of electronic consumption in the sub-region, promote continental integration, creation of jobs and extension of production of goods and services, hence contributing to poverty reduction," Chad's ICT Minister Mahamat Loani said.
The document submitted to ministers for validation highlights the natural, structural and organizational constraints that currently prohibit the construction of the Trans-Saharan fibre optic cable.
The project is funded by the West African Development Bank and aims at accelerating diversification of economies of beneficiary countries through enhancement of people's access to quality and affordable telecommunication services.