Russia carries out military exercise in Crimea

Added On August 19, 2016

 MOSCOW, Aug. 19 (Xinhua) -- Russian Armed Forces have carried out an exercise involving the transfer of troops and equipment to the Crimean peninsula from the mainland, the Russian Defense Ministry said Friday.


It said in a statement that the exercise involved vessels of the Black Sea Fleet, including the large landing ship Tsezar Kunikov, diesel-electric submarine Stary Oskol, several minesweeping ships and missile cruisers, as well as railway trains and river vessels.

The troops participating in the drill also rehearsed destructing groups of saboteurs and repelling a submarine attack.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu inspected the units participating in the drills in the port of Novorossiisk.

The exercise was part of a larger logistic troops drill, which kicked off on Tuesday in southern Russia, with 2,500 troops and around 350 vehicles involved, the ministry said.

Crimea, was incorporated into Russia in 2014 following a referendum, which was recognized by Moscow but rejected by Ukraine.

The Russian Federal Security Service said last week that it had prevented a series of terrorist attacks in Crimea and accused Ukraine of masterminding them.

Kiev denied the accusation, but both countries enhanced military readiness at the border.