Canada-China trade conference

Added On August 25, 2016

Business people from China and Canada gathered in Vancouver Tuesday at a news conference that aims to educate and inspire Canadian businesses to become part of the growing Chinese marketplace.


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The event took place at the Vancouver Convention Centre on Tuesday.


According to the event organizer Kevin Li, most Canadians don't have the first clue about how to get access to the Chinese marketplace. 


But the Canada China Trade Conference is expected to change that.


SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): KEVIN LI, Richway New Media Technology

"I think the biggest obstacle is the lack of information. Right, the local businesses don't really have a clue of how to deal with business in China, especially when it comes to digital marketing. They don't know how to generate interest, or get attention, and communicate with the Chinese consumers, and the purpose of this event and what we do in general is to help them bridge that gap."


Li said the theme of event was e-commerce, which is considered one of the fastest-growing types of business in China.


The event included presentations by a dozen Chinese and Canadian companies, and also featured a commercial trade show.


SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): KEVIN LI, Richway New Media Technology

"It's our first year. Our company is located in Vancouver, we're a year old, and our goal in the very beginning is to connect Canadian businesses with Chinese consumers. So this conference is really to connect both worlds to make sure the Canadian products can go into China, and be in the hands of the Chinese consumers."


China is now Canada's second-largest trading partner after the United States. Canada and China's bi-lateral trade in 2015 totalled more than 80 billion U.S. dollars.


AdvantageBC is an international business center based in Vancouver. 


The organization wants Chinese-Canadian business to be a two-way street and is trying to break down those barriers and foster more interest by foreign investors in B.C.'s market place. 


SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): JIMMY MITCHELL, Business development, AdvantageBC

"We are a friendly jurisdiction for doing international business. Whether it's from a cost perspective, whether its from a tax perspective, whether it's from a location perspective, B.C., and Vancouver, is an ideal place for investing into the North American marketplace."


Richway, the organizer of the conference, plan to hold it annually from now on, perhaps rotating the hosting site from Vancouver to Toronto, and perhaps even into China for future events.