Hangzhou in foreigners' eyes

Added On September 5, 2016

As the host city of the ongoing G20 summit, Hangzhou is now the spotlight of the world. 
For six years in a row,  the city has been awarded as one of the most attractive Chinese cities in foreigners' eyes. 
More than ten thousand foreigners live in Hangzhou all the year round.
How do they like the city? What do they expect of the summit?  Lifestyles has their views.
Rudolph, a French photographer, has been in Hangzhou for five years. 
Having a Hangzhounese girlfriend, he really likes the city. He often walks on the streets and alleyways to record life of the locals.
SOUNDBITE(English) RUDOLPH, French photographer
"Before coming to China, actually I never thought I would be in one day even put one foot in China, I was working in a small island that called. It is a small country. It is called Malta. And something like three months after I started working there, I met a Chinese girl that we became friends at first. Then she became my girlfriend. Then she decided to come back to China, and we decided we go back to China together. And she persuaded me about to Hangzhou, because she is a Hangzhou ren, this is why I arrived here in Hangzhou."
At a construction site in the west of Hangzhou, more than sixty Italians are working as part of the crew. 
Most of them are technical advisers. 
Having been in Hangzhou for nearly a year, they all fell in love with the city.
"The first motivation is that I am very curious about China, and I want to see it. The second is that I would like to learn from the Chinese team. Because the working style is very different between the Chinese team and the Italian team."
"The thing I like most about Hangzhou is strictly safe. So I don't mind going out late at night, driving my bicycle, going for a walk at late night because it's really safe."
"I think Hangzhou is a very good and beautiful city. I like the West Lake very much, because there are many time-honored sites with historic interest."
SOUNDBITE(English) RUDOLPH, French photographer
I also really like to go to the Qiantangjiang around, because actually a lot of people like to go there for a walk, just to hang out, to have a rest. It’s a very nice and comfortable area to take pictures.
Not just for its beauty, many foreigners have been impressed by the fast developement of Hangzhou in recent years. 
Many say the preparations of G20 summit have given the city a new look of modernity. 
Hangzhou is a city of history and culture. But now, I think Hangzhou is also a combination of history and modernity. Hangzhou leads the Chinese cities in this regard.
With the hosting of G20 summit, Hangzhou is now better known to the world. Many say the Hangzhou summit will have a great influence not just on the city, but on the whole world. 
"When I said to some people I am living in Hangzhou, they say 'where. It’s nearby Shanghai, a bit 200 kms from shanghai.' They say 'oh, ok, shanghai.' Now because of the G20, when people ask me where I am living, I just say Hangzhou. They say 'oh, the G20'. So now the world knows where Hangzhou is on the map, so this is great."
"The summit has great influence on your country and my country. Because the summit is a party of countries. They can talk and settle problems, the world problems."