Bolivia's transsexuals identified with new national identity cards

Added On September 8, 2016

 LA PAZ, Sept. 7 (Xinhua) -- At least three Bolivian transsexuals received their new national identity cards on Wednesday, after the Gender Identity Law was enacted to allow those who have had sex change operations to change their name, photo and gender on legal documents.

The new ID cards were issued some three and a half months after the new law recognizes their gender affiliation regardless of their sex at birth.
"Pamela Geraldine Valenzuela Rengel, Luna Sharlote Humerez Aquino and Cesar Javier Moron Torrico are the new identities of the country's first transsexuals to receive their identity cards with the change in gender identity," the daily La Razon reported.
Moron, a doctor, told the daily: "I'm very excited about my new legal identity. I suffered a lot of discrimination, but now I am entering a new stage."
"I'm thinking of specializing in endocrinology to help my country and my people," he added.
Humerez, 26, announced "her next step is to marry" her partner, since as a woman she has the right to marry someone of the opposite sex, the daily reported.
The law does not legalize same-sex marriage.