Painters and calligraphers improvise to celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival

Added On September 13, 2016

"Well tell the story of the company. Develop and promote the spirit of enterprises. "

The onsite creation of this bilingual calligraphy amazed the audience.

A state-owned enterprise on Monday gathered over 80 entrepreneurs, painters and calligraphers to celebrate the upcoming Mid-autumn Festival.

After a brief opening ceremony, masters spread the paper on tables across the room and started to improvise.

Landscape, plant and calligraphy of different styles presented a feast of art for spectators.

While appreciating the process of creation, some visitors took the chance and asked nicely for the works from their favorite master, and in such case, they usually get what they want.

Over 220 pieces of paintings and calligraphies were created. The event lasted for hours in the afternoon.

Chairman Zhao Yun, General Manager Liu Lianzhan and other leadership members of the company, China Communications Construction Fourth Highway Engineering, met and greeted the artists.