Tokyo game show

Added On September 18, 2016

Tokyo Game Show, one of the largest game shows in the world, kicked off Thursday in Chiba, east of Tokyo.

Visitors can experience the latest trend of the industry and get the feel of what to expect in the future. 
Virtual Reality (VR) technology is taking the spotlight at this year's event.
Game fans wait in long lines for a feel of the hottest VR games.
Yoshifumi Kawano, a teacher at Tokyo Communication Arts (TCA), said games with VR technologies are most popular now. And fans can clearly get the feel at this year's exhibition. 
SOUNDBITE: YOSHIFUMI KAWANO, Tokyo Communication Arts 
"Games with VR technologies are most popular now, just like the VR games right behind me. Many students in my school now focus on VR and VR related courses. Computers, mobile phones and game devices are using the latest technologies. I believe the game industry will become more developed in the future."
Japan is one of the most advanced countries in the gaming industry. TCA is one of the best schools in this area. 
Wang Shunan, a sophomore majoring in VR game programming, explained the charm of VR. 
SOUNDBITE: WANG SHUNAN, Student of Tokyo Communication Arts 
"This year is called 'the first year of VR'. Everyone says that. The head-mounted displays are sold everywhere. They can offer you a different feel than other devices, as you could feel the world in front of your eyes is so real and you can naturally interact with the things in that world. This part is very difficult and other games can hardly give you this kind of feel."
This year's Tokyo Game Show features more than 600 exhibitors offering over 1,500 game titles, ranging from mobile games, artificial intelligence (AI) and VR games. 
According to the organizer, the game show is expected to be the largest in the popular video-gaming convention's 20-year history. 
Some 230,000 fans including cosplay enthusiasts will attend the four-day event through Sunday.