Ramoji Film City in India

Added On September 20, 2016

India is known for producing the largest number of movies annually in the world.
Besides, the country also has the largest film studio in the world according to Guinness records.  Our correspondent went on a tour to Ramoji film city in India. Here's a look.
"You can come down to the Ramoji Filmcity with a script and you can get out with an entire movie in your hands as the city has everything to make a movie here. The city is also being touted as the world's largest integrated film studio. Why it is being touted as the same, let's check it out."
The studio is located in Hyderabad in south India. It offers a wide range of ready-to-shoot locations for film-makers
It is also one of those few film cities around the world that are open for public to experience the magic of cinema and how films are being shot and produced. 
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): RAMOJI RAO, Chairman, Ramoji Film city
"The basic idea was to provide all the pre-production and post-production support services to the film-maker under one roof. Till now, the film city has served nearly 2000 films in different Indian languages and also a few films in English."
With a sprawling space of 2,000 acres, the studio sits at low-lying hills. 
Every year, around 200 movies are shot here, accounding for more than 20 percent of the country's total film output.
Among all big-budget productions shot here, a recently released multi-lingual film 'Bahubali' turned out to be the highest grosser in India. It portrays an apt brand ambassador for the film city with its larger-than-life sets. 
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): RAVI SHANKAR, Chief Sound Engineer, Ramoji Filmcity
"We are at par with the International standards. For instance, this console you are seeing here...It's using the latest technologies. In fact, we were the first people in the world to use this software produced by Harrison when Harrison migrated from previous generation to the new generation adopting to the new OS and all, we were the first people to deploy this technology. So in terms of technology, we are at par with the international standards. This facility itself built on international standards. This studio complies to THX and Dolby standards. In fact, we have not only achieved Dolby and THX standards, we have surpassed those standards."  
The studio began its operation in 1996. Since then, it has embraced the changes taking place in Indian films, their subjects and technical know-how.
The Film city is now looking forward for its second phase of construction as part of its big expansion plans for the next decade.
The plan is now to invite film-makers from across the world to make their movies in India at a significantly low cost.
"Ask when this Ramoji Film city got completed and the answer they give is the construction is still going on, as the film city has to adapt to the changes happening in the film industry – be it societal changes or economic, they have to adapt to the changes."