Times Higher Education releases World University Rankings 2016-2017 by subject

Added On September 29, 2016

 Times Higher Education World University Rankings on Wednesday published ten subject rankings, revealing the world's leading universities in various subjects.

Peking University is in the top 20 for engineering and also for physical sciences and for business and economics. It is also now joint 35th for social sciences, up from joint 52nd last year, while Tsinghua University is 34th for physical sciences, up from 47th.

Many Asian universities have also risen up in the subject rankings since last year, mirroring the strength of the continent in the overall world university rankings.

The subject rankings are good news for ETH Zurich of Switzerland, which beats competitors from the United States and Britain to top the World University Ranking for computer science.

The computer science ranking reveals a more diverse list of institutions, also featuring a number of young, rising universities from the Asia-Pacific region and Europe, many of which do not yet appear at the top of global university rankings.

Just 14 different universities make the top five of the eight subject rankings, with only one of the universities in this eminent group based outside the United States and Britain: ETH Zurich -- Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich.

The University of Oxford, which became the first British university to top the table, makes the top five in seven of the subject rankings -- more than any other institution -- but is number one in only the clinical, pre-clinical and health list.

Meanwhile, Stanford and Harvard each appear in six of the top five lists. Stanford is number one for social sciences, and arts and humanities, while Harvard is first in the physical sciences and life sciences.