ACD connect business forum

Added On October 11, 2016

 A business forum, a curtain-raiser to the 2nd Asia Cooperation Dialogue or ACD Summit, has been held in Thailand.

It brings together private-sector representatives from across Asia to brainstorm on financial connectivity and financing infrastructure in the region.
The ACD Connect Business Forum 2016 was buzzing with excitement on the arrival of Alibaba Group CEO Jack Ma on Monday to share his knowledge on  Electronic World Trade Platform.
Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-Ocha said in his opening speech that he looked forward to meeting with Jack Ma again after the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, to find ways to construct an E-Commerce System for the Thai small and medium enterprises.
Prayut said up to 90 percent of Thailand’s exports are from small and medium enterprises while noting that they have been lacking in proper management.
Nonetheless, he indicated he believes new avenues of sale will dominate in the next 30 years. 
The forum saw IT gurus and business people from across Asia to come and try to find ways to bring down trade barriers via the World Wide Web.
SOUNDBITE(English) : K GURU GOWRAPPAN, Global Managing Director, Alibaba Group
“I think coming to what Thai Prime Minister said this morning, which was about Asia and how connecting to all members of Asia in trade. I think this is the best forum to facilitate that. And the way I would say it would be what Jack Ma said in the recent G20, with the whole idea of  EWTP (Electronic World Trade Platform), the idea of connect nations, small businesses between these countries which enable trade in which people do not need to pay duty. Today we make businesses very seamless and logistics very seamless. So the whole idea of the EWTP is to facilitate trade in all nations and make it very simple.”
SOUNDBITE(English) : NAO KITAZAWA. COO, Money Design Co Ltd, Japan
“The idea is to take down all the trade boundaries through the web technologies. And you and I all have smart phones therefore we just need to connect. There are regulations but we are able to shed and take down boundaries to connect together.”
Representatives from the business sector will present the outcomes and proposals from this meeting to heads of delegates at the ACD Summit.