Added On October 15, 2016

The 8th BRICS summit is scheduled to take place in western Indian state of Goa on Saturday and Sunday. 
As a global holiday destination, Goa hopes to attract more tourists by holding the summit.
As one of India's richest states, Goa attracts a large number of tourists each year for its beaches, rich flora and fauna, places of worship and world heritage architecture.
And what also brings people around the world into the state is its openness to inhale different cultures and lifestyles.
In Goa, people from different regions and countries are united to celebrate of one world, in the name of dance, music and leisure. 
This openness makes tourism a mainstay for the former Portuguese colony in India. And many industries have gained development therefore.
For one, tourism has spurred growth of local nigh-clubs and bars over the past few decades. 
There are currently over 7300 bars in the area, along with more than 1600 licensed shops selling liquor. This makes Goa one of the highest liquor consuming provinces in India.
Amit Adatia recently set-up a micro-brewery in a night-club in northern Goa. He claimed to have clocked a growth of over 200 percent a year, all thanks to the increasing number of tourists as well as upmarket Indians who are now willing to shell out any money on leisure activities. 
SOUNDBITE: AMIT ADATIA, Managing Director, Abhijit BrewTech in Goa
"In Goa, first thing is licensing is very easy. Government officials, they are extremely cooperative. And in Goa, footfalls are high, somewhere last year, number of visitors was 5 million. So what we are talking about is market. Well, it?ˉs a party market. People start doing (the party) at 12 o' clock in the morning. They don?ˉt feel guilty. If I go back to my home and someone of us offers beer or something like that, I would say that it?ˉs not the right time. Beer in Goa is like water. "
Goa is also one of three places legal for Casino in India. The gambling industry rakes in big revenue to the local government. 
Official data shows tourism and hospitality sector in Goa has recorded over 30 percent annual growth over past few years. 
Now with the upcoming BRICS summit to held in the region, local government hopes to attract more tourists.
"Goa is known as 365-days tourism destination. Even in monsoon season, people come down to Goa. Almost (from 2012) till date, tourists (number) has increased (annually) by 33 percent. Otherwise, the overall (usual) growth of tourism (earlier) was at three percent. But definitely I will tell you, after BRICS summit in Goa, it will shoot up to double and Goa has that capacity (to accommodate it)."
And the government says they expect the increasing tourists mainly come from BRICS countries, especially China. 
SOUNDBITE: NITIN KULIENKER, Ex-president of Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry
"Somehow in the past, we have not tapped China. China has the highest tourism (outflow) ratio. For example, Thailand?-one million people (from India) goes to Thailand but the reverse (inflow from Thailand into India) is 110 percent. China?-a large population from India goes to China but the reverse is very low. So there is a potential to attract Chinese to Goa. There is immense potential. I think with the BRICS, the identity of Goa (among Chinese) would be at a very top-end tourist destination. "
"Goa is all about beaches, fun and leisure time for which tourists from different parts of the world flock this place. Now the local government wants to take it to the next level. For which they are looking up to Chinese travelers."