Fanatical college football games attenders

Added On October 24, 2016

"Every single week going coast to coast and coast to coast again."
Meet Jameson and Mitch, The Ritter brothers.
They're doing what many of us would consider a bucket list trip.
They're driving all over the country going to more college football games in one season than anyone has before.
The Boise State - Byu game makes 23, and they still have about 30 to go.
SOUNDBITE: Jameson and Mitch Ritter, Tailgating Brothers
"There was a couple moments where it was kind of just like whoa it does take someone with a little bit of a crazy bone in their body to try to pull off a trip like this."
For the past 7 weeks and for the next 11 weeks the brothers call this RV home.
Taking turns driving and sleeping, many times driving through the night.
SOUNDBITE: Jameson and Mitch Ritter, Tailgating Brothers
"One game can make or break the season at this point, the excitement just seems like it's even greater when we first started. It intensifies week in and week out."
The brothers are looking forward to the rest of their trip which will end with the national championship game.
They say next year they might just try to do it again, but what they hope even more is they inspire another set of brothers, or sisters, or father and son, or mother and daughter to do a trip of their own, no matter how crazy it may seem.