Accompanying satellite launched from Tiangong-2

Added On October 24, 2016

According to the Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the satellite was launched into space aboard Tiangong-2 on Sept. 15. 

It weighs 47 kilograms and is the size of a printer,
The micro satellite is able to conduct efficient orbit control, process tasks autonomously and transmit data at high speeds.
At the end of October, the satellite will orbit close to Tiangong-2 and Shenzhou-11 and take photos with the high-resolution camera installed on it.
The accompanying satellite will also carry out space experiments with Tiangong-2 to expand the use of space.
The Shenzhou-11 spacecraft carried two astronauts into space on Oct. 17 from northwest China's Gobi Desert. It docked with Tiangong-2 two days later.