Added On November 16, 2016

 The 2016 San Francisco Fashion Week is underway with the theme of "Tech drives fashion".

A Chinese hardware engineer has been exploring putting technology into  fashion creations, to make the design interesting, special and unique. 
Kitty Yeung, a young Chinese working in the U.S., pursues a self-taught business of fashion designing in addition to her full-time tech job.
She tries to intermixing her talent in both science and art to fulfill her ambition of being a maker. 
With technology increasingly becoming an integral part of fashion, Kitty has been exploring putting technology into her fashion creations, which she branded as artbyphysicist.
She uses technology to decorate the dresses at the present stage, to make them interesting, special and unique.
SOUNDBITE(English): KITTY YEUNG, Fashion designer
"So those are small chips that can control very simple things, like motion, color, pattern. I put lights into the dress. using microcontroller to control the colors, add dynamic to the dress. and change the patter. So I collaborate with two technology companies. one is called Microduino. They are based in Beijing. So they make very small microcontroller. they are very easy to use.they are stackable, they are very small. Then I also collaborate with the company called brainco. They make headset that can send your brain signal. You can use your brain signal to control the dress's colors and patters."
Kitty is focused on ready-to-wear items so that they could be available to the public. 
She is looking at adding functionality to the dresses in the future.
While having been part of the fashion community, Kitty is not planning to give up her beloved profession as an engineer.
SOUNDBITE(English): KITTY YEUNG, Fashion designer
"I think both areas are both inspiring. I personally think they help me, so for example, my understanding of science helps me with my art creation. I get lots of inspiration from nature, from the universe. so I made some dresses that have planets, because I paint them. But also art and music inspire me in my scientific study. So I think both areas, science and art illuminate each other."
Kitty is proud of being a maker, doing things on her hands to turn her ideas into reality. 
She hopes more girls would be encouraged to study science, make creative productions and work on DIY projects.
SOUNDBITE(English): KITTY YEUNG, Fashion designer
"I would love to be able to encourage more girls to do science, do engineering. If i can be a person that they look up and see oh there's someone already doing that and that's female, that can encourage them, I will be really happy."