Painting exhibition Crazy Yellow

Added On November 17, 2016

Lithuanian artist Birute Nomeda Stankuniene's third UK solo exhibition 'Crazy Yellow' has kicked off in London. 
The exhibition in the Westminster Reference Library displayed 50 works ,including the latest group paintings titled Crazy Yellow.
It explores the themes of anxiety and endurance as well as a thought on extreme abstract art.
Curator Aurelija said Birute's work is changing and evolving, and is always inspiring.
SOUNDBITE: AURELIJA STANKUNIENE, Curator of Westminster Reference Library
"For me it seems like this group of paintings Birute often creates a group of paintings so it gives you the depth of the theme and experience. So as in this exhibition you don't just look at every individual painting which might be different, you have 14 paintings that explore the theme so it provides a journey and for me it's the vibrant colours and it's the drama within it. And also I think having her presented her for quite a long time, her work is evolving and artist who is changing and evolving. It’s always inspiring."
Birute presents her exhibition in a library space other than a ususal  gallery space. 
The choice to create a sense of excitement of exploring the city – in such a quiet place to show the beauty of art.
Her works are about the unseen, intangible but also hold the energy of determination to move forward. 
SOUNDBITE: AURELIJA STANKUNIENE, Curator of Westminster Reference Library
"So I came across the space and first of all it's a really nice space. It's not too large it's not too small. It's within a library that has great collection for art. Publication is obviously related and it just make sense. It is very central and it's a public space so people, you know unnecessarily people who go to galleries to look at art, other people can just see it by being a public. And also at the moment when we are kind of talking about this and initiating. We are having an exhibition in Sherborne Abbey so it's a different kind of public space and we were also talking with Kentish Town Health Centre for having an exhibition there. So it's once again a different public space. We thought we just want to explore a public space and I think it turns out great."
Birute Nomeda Stankuniene was graduated from Vilnius Arts Academy. She lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania.
The exhibition runs until 3 December 2016.