Expert on Japan's Nobel Prize winners

Added On November 27, 2016

Many Japanese scientists have been awarded the Nobel Prizes in recent years. 
This year, biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi became the 17th Nobel Prize Winner of Japan in the 21st century. 
During a recent interview with CNC, president of Japan Science and Technology shares his view on why Japan can keep producing Nobel Prize winners.
Michinari Hamaguchi was graduated from Nagoya University with a doctorate degree in medicine. 
He was the president of Nagoya University from 2009 to 2015 and led Japan Science and Technology from October 2015. 
As both researcher and leader of a core scientific institution, Hamaguchi knows very well about Japan's scientific system. 
He says firm scientific spirit, good relations between professors and students and related institutions are the main reasons why Japan keep producing Nobel Prize winners. 
SOUNDBITE: MICHINARI HAMAGUCHI, Japan Science and Technology
"Altogether 17 Japanese havae won the Nobel Prizes since the 21st century. They have some common traits, for example, they all have very strong belief for their studies and determine to devote their lifetime for them. Doing scientific research can be very lonely. Especially that you won't get any reward and sometimes you'll end up with nothing for your lifetime devotion to the basic science studies."
Hamaguchi says good relations between professors and students are also very important, citing the example of six Nobel Prize winners from Nagoya University.
SOUNDBITE: MICHINARI HAMAGUCHI, Japan Science and Technology
"From the 6 Nobel Prize winners, we can see how important the role of a good professor is. A knowledgeable professor could give guidance to the researcher like what he should study and try to challenge. If the young research could be diligent and overcome all kinds of difficulties and obstacles, he would have a very high possibility of winning the Nobel Prize."
On the reason why Nagoya University can produce so many Nobel Prize winners, Hamaguchi says compared with other universities, Nagoya University is relatively young, very liberal and open-minded. 
It respects every researcher's thoughts and offers young and female researchers many opportunities. 
There are also many overseas students and researchers in the University as well.
SOUNDBITE: MICHINARI HAMAGUCHI, Japan Science and Technology
"Nagoya University is very liberal and open-minded and it respects every person's thought. I myself too as I can't finish all the things on my own. China should give young researchers more opportunities. Besides, a researcher must go on a lonely road and it's impossible to gain wealth and live comfortably in a big house through researches. If China could spread the idea among the young researchers that a researcher should be satisfied with a career that only he himself could prove, I think China would win many Nobel Prizes in the future."