Kids mark World AIDS Day in San Francisco

Added On December 2, 2016

Luca knew very little about Con bailey. But writing his name on the pavement made people pause to remember him and others who died of AIDS.
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"He's still here but he's not here at the same time, but he's still in your heart, all these people are."
This entire block of Castro Street had names of people long gone. The event called "Inscribe" was put on by a number of aids organizations. The students of Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy were told to honor them in a colorful way.
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"We have to honor the people who died of AIDS and struggled with that horrible disease."
The names are written down for everyone to see, young and old, gay and straight and to make them think for a moment that so much has happened since AIDS claimed the lives of so many in the 80s.
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"This was a community that was despised, marginalized, disowned and responded in the most incredible way."
Tony Bbrunet was diagnosed with HIV 22 years ago.
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"I want the new generation to be careful and understand that safe sex is still needed regardless of PREP and everything that's out there."
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"I do think maybe many of us do take for granted our rights and all of the work that people did and all of the pain and suffering that they went through and still go through."