Kitten shrink-wrapped, shipped 500 miles

Added On December 8, 2016

He was shipped some 500 miles attached to a box and somehow survived.
Now, a kitten is getting some well-deserved attention and hopefully soon, a forever home.
His name is Joey and he's alive despite the odds.
It's quite a surprise for some after hearing his story.
He was dropped off right here at the park avenue animal hospital.  
Staff says he found him in the back of his truck, meowing while shrink-wrapped the top of a package.
Joey had likely been without food and water for close to a week.
The person who found him says he likely came from a packing facility in Chicago.
Joey is up for adoption but it won't be easy to just walk out the door with him.
The hospital says it has a tough vetting process, especially when trying to find a little guy like this.