LG shows off chore-performing robots

Added On January 5, 2017

Humans might welcome a robot revolution, if the bots can take over doing the chores.
LG unveiled today at CES 2017 a collection of new robots and another that acts more like a personal assistant.
The LG hub robot smart speaker is similar to Amazon's echo and Google's home devices.
It controls internet-connected products like lights and plays music on command.
Another robot was unveiled that will mow your lawn.
It looks a bit like its existing automated vacuum cleaners but trims grass rather than sucking up dust bunnies.
The product that received the biggest reaction at its press conference wasn't a robot at all --- it's a TV so thin it looks like wallpaper.
LG's new w-series TV is just a tenth of an inch thick.
It connects to the wall with magnetic brackets.
They haven't released an exact price tag --- but estimate it could run around 10 grand.