Chinese New Year in Dutch

Added On January 31, 2017

Chinese Spring Festival is being celebrated around the world.
Today, we'll take you to The Hague to see how people there spend the Chinese New Year. 
On the first day of Chinese New Year, thousands of Dutch locals were gathering around the city of The Hague. 
They were experiencing Chinese culture show and some of them even joined the performers' team. 
Soundbite 1(English): KITTY OLDENBROEK, Dragon dancer
"I heard about Chinese New Year all throughout my life, but I just started practicing Kungfu about two years ago, and that is when I really got infested, and Shifu Earl gave us the chance to perform here and learn the Dragon Dance, and now we are fully participating in the Chinese New Year."
Soundbite 2(Dutch): MARTINE VAN TEERNS, Local citizen
"Our son is from Taiwan, so that is why we find it important to get to know the Chinese New Year and to pass that on to him. So, we try to read a bit, ask around, and look around, try to deepen our knowledge about it."
Soundbite 3(Dutch): BOUDEWIJN POLDERMANS, Local citizen
"I studied Chinese, long ago, 45 years ago, and after that I lived in China for twenty years, so I have experienced Chinese New Year in China multiple times, and also in the Netherlands."
Soundbite 4(Dutch):KARSTEN KLEIN, Local citizen
"We celebrate Chinese New Year annually in The Hague. It is important for our Chinese community to be able to freely express themselves culturally, and for us to celebrate this together is something I find very beautiful, I really cherish this."
Besides the cultural feast on the stage, local Chinese opened numerous workshops everyday. Here the Dutch and internationals could participate in Chinese cultural activities.
Soundbite 5 (Dutch): JAN LAMAN, Local citizen 
"It is the music, but also the people getting together; there is a relaxed atmosphere here. I told my wife when we entered here: It is as if we lack this in our society. I saw some Chinese people walk towards each other, and it was nice to see that, I felt like I wanted to belong to them, I would like to meet people like that as well. That is what I feel when I am standing here. I am only here for 2 or 3 minutes now, but I directly feel this way. I find that very special."
Soundbite 1(English): KITTY OLDENBROEK, Dragon dancer
"I think it is much more beautiful, the western New Year is quite simple, lots of fireworks, but with Chinese New Year you have lots of culture, lots of performances, it is a lot more beautiful."
Soundbite 7 (Dutch): MARTINE VAN TEERNS, Local citizen
"It is very different, only the meaning is the same: welcoming the New Year in a positive way, and leaving all the negative things behind. It is a new start."
Now comes the new year's wishes. 
Soundbite12(Dutch): JAN LAMAN, Local citizen
"My New Year's message for the New Year is that we people realize that we are dependent on each other. When I see the way things are currently going in the world I think it is not going well, we do not realize that we need each other. I hope that this year may trigger some changes."
Soundbite 14 (Dutch): BOUDEWIJN POLDERMANS, Local citizen
"I hope that it will continue to go well in the world, of course there are some developments going on in the world, in the Middle East, the relation between the United States and China, the relation between Europe and the United States, So I hope that this will mostly be a calm year."
Soundbite 13 (Dutch): KARSTEN KLEIN, Vice Mayor of The Hague
"I hope for a good cooperation with the Chinese community this year, and in the coming year we will do our outmost to get more Chinese companies to come here and invest in The Hague, because that will be good for our employment opportunities and mutual cooperation."