Chinese Lantern Festival celebrated in Istanbul university

Added On February 11, 2017

Some Turkish students from Bogazici University in Istanbul on Friday celebrated the Chinese Lantern Festival by involving themselves in traditional recreations as lion dance, making rice dumplings, cracking lantern riddles and performing tea ceremony.
Chilling cold outside, the long corridor of the Confucius Institute's part of building inside the campus was warm and in festive mood, with red lanterns hung in the ceiling, and Peking opera facial masks, Chinese calligraphy works and paintings put on the walls.
Two male students, who were asked to perform the lion dance only in the morning, learned hard from videos and completed their feat to repeated applauses.
The booth for making rice dumplings, or Tang Yuan in Chinese, drew a large crowd. The round-shaped food symbolizes a family reunion in China and the celebrations mark the end of the Chinese New Year festivities.