Suspect Linked To Kim Jong UN's Brother Death Arrested

Added On February 16, 2017

Malaysian police Wednesday detained a female suspect in connection with the death of DPRK leader Kim Jong Un's half-brother.

Police said the suspect was arrested at Kuala Lumpur International Airport's second terminal. This was where Kim Jong Nam had sought help after feeling unwell on Monday. He died on the way to hospital.

The female suspect was identified from the airport's surveillance video footage.The suspect was alone at the time of arrest and was found holding Vietnam travel papers.

Malaysian police first reported the 46-year-old man who died Monday held a DPRK passport under the name of Kim Chol.

But South Korean media reported the man was Kim Jong Nam, the elder half-brother of DPRK's top leader Kim Jong Un.

His body was taken to hospital in Kuala Lumpur Wednesday for a postmortem to identify the cause of death.

Kim Jong Nam was the older half-brother of the DRPK leader and the eldest son of his predecessor Kim Jong Il.