Exhibition of China Han Dynasty relics in San Francisco

Added On February 17, 2017

 SOUNDBITE(English)Xu Jie,curator of Asia Art Museum

The China Han dynasty was one of the most important dynasties in China's imperial history.

This dynasty succeeded and conquered the Qin Dynasty and ruled China for over 400 years.

Their artistic, economic and cultural development was outstanding.

That's why today most Chinese still call themselves Han

The Chinese language is also named after that dynasty. This gives you a sense how important that is.

SOUNDBITE(English)Zhang Fan,director of Chinese Art Department of Asia Art Museum

We hope we can use well this opportunity to bring the fantasitic archaeological finds

from China to show our American audience, so they can really understand this fantastic

material culture from 2000 years ago, and also a lot of untold stories about forgotten prince's


SOUNDBITE(English)Xu Jie,curator of Asia Art Museum

These are expressions not only shared by Han people. I think they have tremendous

contemporary relevance to our life today. That's why I think the show should be very

popular with our audience.