London Tobacco Dock celebrates 2017 Gin Festival

Added On February 20, 2017

Gin is one of the world's six most famous spirits and the most popular one in UK. On 18 February, the 2017 Gin Festival opened at Tobacco Dock London, offering a chance to try over 100 different gins and experience the most typically British of tastes.
Because we have all types of gin. We will find a gin that you will like. We have gins that flavoured with more fruit, salt, we have chocolate gin for the people who want to try that. We have the gins that just come out, we have win gin today the Tinker Gin that is actually launching today. So we will find the gin so for the people who want to try gin. And also the people who understand gin and want to try new experiences and they will also find gin they’ve never seen before by coming and trying our event.
So London Dry Gin doesnt actually have to made in London. London Dry Gin can be made anywhere in the world. Its simply a type of gin. Its sort of gin was made famous in London during the 1750s. So the style of gin itself, it only has to be made in one big distillation so nothing else can be added after its being distilled. It has to be bottled at least 37.5%, and other than that, it has a main main flavour of juniper. So, its always associate with the strong juniper flavour that you know the gin for. But there are many other styles of gin. London Dry is just one of those styles.’