Mountain bikers race across skyline in Chile

Added On February 22, 2017

Over 40 mountain bike enthusiasts raced down the hills near Valparaiso in Chile, dazzling thousands of onlookers with their skill and audacity. Most of these bikers have come from as far afield as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, the U.S., Mexico and the Czech Republic. 
Valparaiso, Chile's second-largest city, is this year celebrating the 15th anniversary of the world-famous Red Bull Valparaíso Downhill Race. Each year, the event brings over 15,000 people to Cerro Carcel hill. The world's best mountain bikers face each other off on the country's toughest asphalt course, tackling massive jumps in extreme conditions. 
This year Czech biker Tomas Slavik clinched the 2017 title of the world-famous dare-devil Valparaiso race.
Gasps were heard from the crowd as bikers showed off their best jumps and pirouettes in navigating the streets, alleyways and staircases of the city's landscape. Their prowess once again succeeded in making Valparaiso the world capital of urban downhill biking.