Added On February 25, 2017

China's second largest bank, China Construction Bank Corporation (CCB), officially launched its Indonesia local brand CCB Indonesia on Friday.

According to a statement issued by the bank, the listed CCB Indonesia was the result of a merger between Indonesia's PT Bank Windu Kentjana International Tbk and PT Bank Antardaerah in November last year. 

CCB holds 60 percent of the stakes in CCB Indonesia.
Besides small and medium enterprises it previously focused on, the company will also develop corporate banking business with large local Indonesian and Chinese enterprises and financial institutions.
The bank is also targeted to become the market maker of RMB business in Indonesia and penetrate the country's housing finance market.  

SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): XIE FENG, Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia
"I believe our strong cooperation and shared commitment to globalization will not only deliver win-win outcomes to our people but also new growth momentum for the world economy."

The Indonesian Financial Services Authority expected the bank to fill the finance gap of infrastructure development.

SOUNDBITE (BAHASA): MULYA SIREGAR, Indonesian Financial Services Authority
"Indonesia faces financing gap. We hope CCB Indonesia can contribute in filling this financing gap."