THE SPARK III - Is China’s military buildup a cause for concern?

Added On March 13, 2017

    If there is one thing some Western media seem fixated on at the ongoing two sessions, it’s China’s defense budget.

   China’s defense spending for 2017 is roughly 152 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 7 percent from last year.
   How does China’s defense spending compare globally? 
   The world spends an average of 2.4 percent of GDP on defense.
   For big powers like the United States and Russia, that rises to 4 percent of GDP.
   China's defense spending is merely 1.3 percent of its GDP.
   As the globe’s No.1 military power, the United States’ military budget is 4 times that of China’s, and even bigger than the next 9 countries combined.
   Putting aside the numbers …
   Why has China been pushing for military modernization? 
   What's China's motive here? 
   Let’s take a look at some pictures (graphic content warning): (Unit 731, Nanking massacre archive photo)
   During the Nanking massacre at the hands of the Japanese, China was weak and defenseless. You can't imagine how hopeless and pathetic those people were.
   Today, China has vowed never to allow such horrors to happen again.
   China has been accused of lacking so-called military "transparency." 
   Behind this claim is an out-of-date theory called the "China Threat." 
   Back in America, the NSA and CIA don’t even trust U.S. allies and their own people (PRISM, Merkel phone pictures). 
   You can only imagine how they feel about China.
   And of all the conflicts and wars in the world that have killed and displaced so many people, which is China to blame for?
   No matter how hard China tries to shed light on its military intentions, it seems that it just cannot catch a break.
   China has contributed more UN peacekeepers to global missions than any other permanent member of the Security Council, including the United States.
   How often do you hear about that in the media?
   But Japanese rightists and Washington hawks need a China threat.
   It’s the only way to justify Japan's re-militarization and U.S. military supremacy.
   Hopefully, the world won't be fooled.