Faust tale told with peking opera

Added On March 14, 2017

A Peking opera performance based on the European famous masterpiece "Faust" has been staged in Rome.
LIFESTYLES takes you there for a look.
Artists from China, Italy, and Germany worked together to render Western classics with Chinese art, bringing the new experimental play on Johann Wolfgang Goethe's masterpiece "Faust" tale.
Peking Opera artists performed it, with music arrangements from both Italy and China. 
The play is co-produced by Italy's Emilia Romagna Theatre Foundation and the China National Peking Opera, and was born out of an idea of German director Anna Peschke in 2014.
"We come from a different musical culture, so we had to study the tradition of the Chinese Opera theatre. This means we had to understand deeply what were the possibilities of building a bridge between our work -- as contemporary composers, who work with electronics and contemporary language – and, at the same time, to be close to something that is very far, a different way to make music and think of music."
Since its debut in the city of Bologna in Oct. 2015, the play has been performed some 80 times across Italy, and was shown in Beijing and New York as well. 
In mid-May, it will be performed for 13 days in Germany.
Rehearsal and set up of the play were all developed in China. The four Chinese actors on the stage were accompanied by seven musicians, three Italians and four Chinese.
While taking the form of Peking Opera, this production of the "Faust" tried to keep aesthetics and storytelling traditions from both the West and the East together. 
A major artistic challenge was to find a "new language" between the refined art of the Peking Opera and Western modern music.
"When you meet a new culture, you find different standards, and you realize that your rules are just arbitrary, in some way… The wonderful thing is being able to find those new rules that put all things together.It has been a hard job, yet in some way technology was of help, because with electronic music is much easier to bring together sounds that are very different from each other."