Policeman shot dead in eastern Saudi Arabia

Added On March 15, 2017

 RIYADH, March 14 (Xinhua) -- A Saudi policeman was shot dead by unknown culprit at a checkpoint in Qatif in the Eastern Province, Sabiq online local news reported on Tuesday.

The incident, yet to be confirmed by the Interior Ministry, was the latest of similar recent attacks in the province against security personnel and civilians in escalation of violence by Shiite youth, who are demanding more right for their minority community in the country.
In less than a week, security forces killed two fugitives in the region in two separate raids, meanwhile the concerned authority plans to demolish old and deserted homes in Al Awamiya, another disturbed area, where those fugitives took shelters.
The ministry called upon the public to report fugitives involved in the ongoing violence in the province, warning that hiding information or sheltering them would lead to legal punishment.