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Added On March 27, 2017

  Hello and welcome to Talk China,and our special report on China's two sessions. I'm Du Yang 

in Beijing. I'm lili....... 
Du: This week heralds China's Two Sessions, one of the most important political events of the year. The meetings will no doubt draw much attention from the Chinese people. But these annual meetings are also a great opportunity for foreigners to get a better understanding of China and Chinese politics, particularly as the event is not so well known outside China. 
What do you know about the Two Sessions?
I think for most people outside China the Two Sessions seem a little complex. Living here in China I understand that the Two Sessions are two very important annual meetings for the top legislative and advisory bodies.
On the one hand we have the National People’s Congress
And we also have the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.
These two meetings are held every year in March
As to what happens here, I understand is that the government gives its annual work report. 
Now this includes a GDP forecast, as well as information about major policies.
You're a China hand. Impressive!
You want to get more details about that?
So let’s take a further look into the two sessions after this video
A practical guide to China's "two sessions"
China's "two sessions" serves as perhaps the best window to observe China's legislative and political advisory process
The annual session of the top national advisory body opens on March 3rd while the annual meeting of the top legislative body begins on March 5th
The sessions are attended by about 3,000 Chinese lawmakers and 2,000 political advisors from all walks of life
They cover a number of issues, ranging from economic reform and military spending to foreign policy and this year's main targets.
What are the sessions
The "two sessions" is shorthand for the annual sessions of the National People's Congress (NPC) and the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)
The meetings are normally held in early March every year 
The wordy titles are difficult to remember, even for Chinese speakers, therefore the Chinese nickname "two sessions" was coined
What do they do
The NPC, the top legislature, is the highest institution through which the people exercise their power
All administrative, judicial, procuratorial and military organs and other state-level institutions are accountable to the NPC.
The CPPCC, the top political advisory body, serves as a key instrument for multi-party cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC)
It allows the leading figures of society, selected from across a wide spectrum, to provide their own input
What happens at these sessions
The central government will reveal its annual work report, which includes the official GDP forecast, as well as information on major socio-economic policies
Who attends the two sessions
More than 5,000 NPC deputies and members of CPPCC National Committee will attend the sessions
Among them are top leaders, renowned economists, entrepreneurs, rural laborers, migrant workers and people from all walks of life
NPC deputies can submit motions that are legally binding once adopted, while numbers of the CPPCC National Committee can put forward non-binding proposals that are considered by lawmakers and policymakers
So now you can tell the difference between the npc and cppcc? Do you also know who can attend these sessions?
So I understand the NPC is the top legislative body. Essentially everything has to go through it - all state-level institutions are accountable to it.
The CPPCC on the other hand is the top political advisory body and serves to give consultation.
I was very interested to see  5,000 delegates come to this meeting.
Yes it's a huge number right?
And they come from all walk of life across the country.
From what you’ve talked about, we can see you are a keen observer of China. What issues are 
you keen to see discussed at the Two Sessions?
Well, as a Beijinger, I’d personally be very keen to hear about policies on pollution. As you know, the pollution in January was particularly bad, so I’d be on the watch for any changes in this area, as well as more general policies on environmental protection.
And like many internationals interested in China’s economic development, I’d be keen to see discussion of the new Free Trade Zones, which are being considered I think for 7 provinces and cities. This includes Chongqing, the biggest city in China, as well as Henan.
Impressive!You're a keen observer.
And before we calling today, you want to see what expats living here in Beijing and people outside China see themselves about two sessions.
Absolutely。Let's have a look.
Do you know about China's Two Sessions?
The Two Sessions, I have heard of it
Not so much
I wouldn’t be too sure
No I don't follow that
What do you think of the Two Sessions
Political event that takes place here
Where elders and different community societal groupings around China
To discuss about the important things
Good for creating jobs
Opportunities for more foreigners and good relations between the West and the East
How do you think the Two Sessions will impact on you?
I think it affects China. I live in China so it affects me
I don't think it will really affect us
It doesn't affect me so much directly
I don't really know. If it does, I just have to buy the rules
What is China's biggest issue of the Two Sessions
I think the policy is very important
Developing clean air policy
Pollution, health issues
Working visa
Public transport I guess
China's achievement into bringing stability in their own economy
Thank you for watching! I'm Duyang in Beijing
I'm Lili.This is Talk China.