Cardiologist completes innovative operation

Added On March 29, 2017

A 72-year-old man with heart failure could walk out of a hospital in south China after undergoing a special operation called the closed-chest Revivent TC System. 
He and two other patients are the first people to undergo this surgery.
Interventional cardiologist Prof. Wang Yan and his team performed the operation at the Xiamen Cardiovascular Hospital in Xiamen. 
This is the first such operation in China, also the first outside Europe.
SOUNDBITE (English) WANG YAN, Interventional cardiologist Prof.
This innovative operation should cooperate with cardiac surgeon and invasive cardiologist. We can see from the cartoon. We make a small cut in the A packs, and we can puncture the character vein from here and insert the sheet outside with the snare in the right ventricular. Here, we can see the blue one is the scar muscle. And we puncture the needles from the left ventricular to the septure and then to the right ventricular. Then, with the snare to catch the wire, then push the wire outside the body. And from this wire, we insert the anchor, and we release anchor, this anchor is in the right ventricular septure. And in the A packs, we put another anchor and pull the two anchor together. In this way we reduce the left ventricular volume. And this operation is less invasive. After the operation we put 1,2,3,4 anchors there, and reshape the left ventricular.
Huang Zilong suffered with heart failure for years. He could not even squat down or move a chair as the movements could prove fatal. But by remodeling the left ventricle to a more normal shape and size, the implant improves the heart's pumping efficiency and decreases wall stress, so drastically reversing the patient's symptoms.
SOUNDBITE  (Chinese) HUANG ZILONG, patient
"I feel better than before. Before the operation, I feel there is something in my heart. Now it is comfortable."
Prof. Wang explained that the operation demanded cooperation between a cardiac surgeon and an interventional cardiologist. The success of the operation depended on earlier strict training
SOUNDBITE (English)WANG YAN, Interventional cardiologist Prof.
Compared with traditional open heart reconstruction operation, it is relatively simple. And the patients experience less pain, and the patient can recover several hours later. 
Prof. Wang said that the operation fills a large clinical gap in the treatment of ischemic heart failure patients. Numerous patients could benefit from this innovative therapeutic option.