British couple become internet hit in China

Added On March 30, 2017

A couple from the U.K has become an internet hit in China because of photos of them in traditional Chinese clothing..
A serious of photos have become trending online of Christopher Edwards and Gemma Kilby wearing red Hanfu. 
"I think they are beautiful. Certainly English traditional clothing is not exciting as this. I think it’s a nice opportunity to be able to wear these clothes because I will never have opportunity otherwise. So I think it’s amazing."
The photos were forwarded and commented thousands of times on websites and apps. 
Many netizens were surprised to know that the two foreigners were so fanscinated about classic Chinese traditional elements.
The British couple are now working as English teachers at the Sichuan Institute of Industrial Science and technology. 
They came to China two years ago after Christopher had a sudden urge to change his life and wanted to go to China. And his girlfriend just wanted the same. So he quit his job and flew to China.
Christopher became interested in Chinese culture through influence from his father. Bruce Lee was his childhood idol.
Gemma hopes that they can live in China longer and know much more about Chinese culture, customs and traditional food. Their next goal is learning to speak Chinese.