Indonesians enjoy growth of Chinese business

Added On April 16, 2017

Latest data showed that Chinese investment in Indonesia has increased rapidly. 
The growing Chinese businesses have brought opportunities for Indonesian people. 
Nining Wahyuni enjoyed better salary and career opportunity with the coming of Vivo brand to Indonesia. 
She has been working for the Chinese smartphone company since 2014.
Soundbite: NINING WAHYUNI, Vivo Employee 
"My salary was below minimum wage with my previous job. That was around 150 U.S. dollars per month. The minimum wage now is 250 dollars per month. The working duration lasted for 12 hours. In Vivo, the working hour abides the law, 9 hours with 1 hour break. The salary is higher than minimum wage with incentive."
The Jakarta resident said working in the Chinese company also gives her future career opportunities.
She enjoyed a promotion after making good performance. 
Soundbite: NINING WAHYUNI, Vivo Employee
"Vivo offers promising career. I had been promoted as a tutor and trainer. In Vivo, a tutor can be promoted as sales, then, supervisor, and finally manager."
Wahyuni explained her future seems brighter as Vivo smartphone penetrated Indonesian market. 
She witnessed how Indonesian people got more and more enthusiastic about the Chinese brand. 
Soundbite: NINING WAHYUNI, Vivo Employee
"Last month, the store where I work sold 2,800 smartphones. Previously, we sold 2,300 units. This month, we target 3,500 units. Therefore, I believe Vivo will rapidly grow in the next five years."
The young woman dreamed she would work as manager in Vivo someday. 
According to statistics of Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), Chinese investment in Indonesia has increased rapidly. 
Last year, the main Indonesian trading partner invested 2.7 billion U.S.dollars and ranked as its third biggest investor.