Baby black rhino debuts at Pittsburgh zoo

Added On April 17, 2017

In Pennsylvania, a baby black rhino has got its first peek at the outside world at Pittsburgh zoo.

The calf ventured outside for the first time in front of visitors on Friday.

Zoo officials say she was born last month weighing 77 pounds. She has gained about two pounds a day.

She will be out every day, weather permitting. And whenever mom lets her.

DIANE HAGEY,  Azizi's Keeper: 

"The baby is kind of fascinated with everything because she's one month old and has been inside. All she knows is what she's grown up in her rhino nursery, so to speak. So when she goes out she's like, 'woah that's dirt! Woah that's rocks!'"

The calf has not yet been named.

This is the second black rhino to be born at Pittsburgh zoo.