Cosco vessel sets sall along ancient silk route

Added On April 18, 2017

One of the world's most advanced ships set sail from Shanghai on Sunday, starting its journey to retrace the oldest maritime route linking China with the rest of the world.
China Report has a look.
Merchant Vessel COSCO Netherlands left Yangshan Deep Water Port in Shanghai, the world's largest cargo port, on Sunday. 
During its 40-day journey, the ship will dock in Ningbo in east China, Singapore, the Suez Canal, and the European ports of Pireaus, Rotterdam, Hamburg, and Antwerp.
The vessel is transporting a whole range of products from international brands, such as Hewlett-Packard computers, Sony LCD monitors, Hisense TV, Haier refrigerator. It is also carrying automobile spare parts and bicycles, either assembled or made in China, for export to northwestern European countries and other regions.
Part of the route travelled by M.V.COSCO Netherlands traces the ancient Maritime Silk Road.
"In the past, we went to the Europe with cargo loaded but came back with basically empty containers. But now with interconnectivity and cooperation increasing along the belt and road routes, we return fully loaded. The import increases. So does the export. We are now retracing the oldest maritime route linking China with the rest of the world. This is mutually beneficially. "
The ancient Maritime Silk Road was a key route for trade and cultural exchanges between China's south coastal regions and countries in Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe.
The sea route allowed silk, tea and china to be exported, while spices and rare treasures like precious stones were brought to China.