World's largest VR expo LA

Added On April 18, 2017

The world largest virtual reality expo, VRLA, was held Saturday at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
Welcoming over 170 exhibitors, VRLA Expo hosted a thriving community of content creators and entertainment industry representatives.
The participants showcased their latest gadgets, games and VR concepts. Many visitors got the chance to experience these first-hand.
"We all here just to see what is new, this is a new media and there are obviously many ways to apply it. So it is just interesting to see I do not know where it go and I think that is also the other half that is really fun. But for me, my big focus is the heavy interactivity, and the gamification of narrative I think is pretty important in the future."
"Gaming is very interesting for VR, but I also feel like the experience of sitting down in a virtual theater and watching a movie with friends who are across the country, it can be really cool."
As VR and AR technologies become more developed, the market is expanding and moving from an experience and concept stage to a point where people are demanding more content. 
SOUNDBITE: ZIV, Exhibitor 
"If you putting them inside a (VR) game, they want to play a game and enjoy a game, the fact that it is in virtual reality is nice but it needs to be a game. The same happens with narrative and VR movies, it is no longer an experience, it is trying to really engage you in a good quality content."
In terms of the future of VR, experts at the Expo said gaming will continue to be the most popular VR market, but more VR short movies will be made. However, it will be a while yet before audiences can enjoy a full-length VR feature film.