Colobia Landslide

Added On April 20, 2017

At least 14 people have been killed and 75 homes destroyed following a landslide in west-central Colombia.

Images show a large muddy trail where the ramshackle homes once were in Manizales, a town in west-central Colombia.

Around the void, existing homes still cling precariously to the hillside.

14 people are known to have died. On Wednesday, local authorities confirmed that another 22 people are missing.

Nearly 400 remain evacuated from homes.
Local media said the Red Cross is "attending to emergencies in eight points of the city," indicating there may have been many more mudslides.

The Manizales Mayor said 143 millimeters of rain fell Tuesday night, "the same amount that normally falls in a month."

The disaster comes less than a month after another mudslide caused by heavy downpours hit the southern Colombian town of Mocoa on April 2, killing around 300 people.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said that he will head to the disaster site, as he did earlier this month.