Added On April 21, 2017

The sixth NY TechDay, the largest startup event in US, has kicked off in Manhattan.
The event brought together some 35,000 attendees to exchange ideas and creative solutions.
The event hosted over 575 innovative startups from across numerous sectors, including the Internet of Things, On Demand, Enterprise, Social Impact, and Fashion. There were also 20 premiere accelerators, many larger tech brands, and a live demo stage.
Jasmine Hoffman,the event Director, said TechDay is all about making connections, and opening up events and opportunities to the entire community. 
The meeting brings users, new talents, resources, investors, corporate bodies, press, and startups together under one roof. 
Everyone has the chance to experience the innovation and excitement that is a hallmark of NY TechDay.
Recenetly, a new style of conference meeting was introduced into the event, an exclusive ask-me-anything style conference
It allows mid-stage founders and executives to ask direct questions to successful leaders who have already dealt with the challenges of scaling a rapidly growing business.