Added On April 21, 2017

The 7th Beijing International Film Festival is well underway in the capital of China. This year, nearly 500 movies will be shown in 30 cinemas across the city from  April 16 to 23. 
Dale Johnson, producer of "The Lost City of Z" has sat down for an one on one interview with CNC on the sidelines of the event. 
Hello and welcome to our show.
Joining us today is Dale Johnson. Dale is one of the most active producers in Hollywood, producing and financing 10 motion pictures in the last 5 years. His production company Lynmar Entertainment works with some of the biggest movie stars and A list directors in Hollywood. His most recent project ?°Lost City of Z?± is an award winning film that is being released worldwide in April, a film he co-produced with Brad Pitt. 
Hi Dale. So tell us who are some of your Hollywood partners that you produce films with?
Dale Johnson: I have been fortunate to develop long-term trans-relationships with the number of the top producers in Hollywood. And plan B is one of the examples that is the wonderful good film makers. They nominate for Best Picture Academy Award Best Picture for last four years. And I also have done two movies with good crop at least entertainment, at least the bad man and superman movies and a lot of major Hollywood movies with Warner Brothers. And then this number other one is well. But I have been fortunate to develop relationship with a lot of the top directors that pulling out academy level and films today.
Tell us about your most recent picture being released worldwide?
Dale Johnson: It?ˉs a movie called the Lost City of Z and very excited about it. Brad Pitt was the producer, might call the producer with them. My company financed. We are releasing it in the United States through Amazon. He will be a wonderful partner to work with. It?ˉs a true story about British explorer named Percy Forster. And he was actually hired by the British government to map Amazon River. In the process to do that, he discovered the evidence of the lost civilization. It?ˉs an exciting adventure. It?ˉs great fun for all ages.
What was it like to co-produce with Brad Pitt?
Dale Johnson: You know he has such great vision and such great story tellers. Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner run the company. His actors involved this work of course. But it was very pleasure to work with them. We were looking forward to doing more together.
What is your role in the films that you produce and finance?
Dale Johnson: So my role is that I take the actors co-producing all in the film from the creative sight. But I really also actively work in the half of the investors. So I will be looking at making sure that we protected the investors?ˉ money and were making good choices on the kind of films we invest in. So the real focus their investor point view is getting the good return in the investment and putting their funding into top convective projects and they can have lasting value.
What are some of the differences you see between the way Hollywood makes movies and the way the movies are made in China?
Dale Johnson: I think one of the differences is talking about financing point of view. What I am saying with lots of investment in China is when they decide to going to invest in financing film, they will finance the entire production project. And when we look at putting financing together from the North American, sort of things, we will often be able to have other elements of the finance, which reduce the risk for their investment instead of putting all of the money. We can be partnering with different distributors, different parts of the world for them to share their risk. And overall, you can have a little bit more risk reduced, investment for the financers.
You have made 5 trips to China this year, so what areas do you think you can help benefit young film makers in China and film investors as well? 
Dale Johnson: What I think there is couple areas from investment point of views. I think I can help them get access to really top convective projects. It?ˉs challenging for investors. They don?ˉt have present in Hollywood to get access to finance some of best deals. So that?ˉs one area, and I think also because the relationship with so many great film makers, there?ˉs a lot of opportunities for men to shift. And there?ˉre so many tones to young Chinese film makers, and so many great creative people here. I just have really enjoined all of my trips, and I love your country and love your culture. I think there are a lot of opportunities to find ways to collaborate, so we can learn from each other. And to provide some opportunities for young Chinese film makers, to also learn from the best of Hollywood.
Cool. So tell me what the fascination with Chinese film industry?
Dale Johnson: Well I think, practically speaking, the Chinese film market is growing so fast. So from finance point of view, you can?ˉt ignore market place. But I think for me it is personal as well because there is so much big culture here, and so much great story telling. And I think that my fascination is that, you know I think there is so much opportunity to bring great stories to the world, and I also to bring stories from western world to China. 
Thank you Dale. Best of luck with your new projects!