FAO urges support to curb famine

Added On April 30, 2017

The Food and Agriculture Organization has called for increased famine response and prevention in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen.

In its latest report for April, FAO said 30 million people are suffering severe acute food insecurity in the four countries, and that if no action is taken, millions may die of hunger there.
The report said, to avert a humanitarian catastrophe in the four countries over the coming months, we need to scale up livelihood support and income opportunities to affected families.
According to UN, supporting agriculture now "is not only investing in food production today, but food security tomorrow."

The current levels of food insecurity in the four at-risk countries reflect continued under investment in agriculture and livelihoods within the wider humanitarian and development fields.
Conflict and drought are forcing people to abandon their homes and their lands in the four at-risk countries.

The report said governments must invest now in pulling people back from the brink with approximately 80 percent of the affected populations relying on agriculture for their livelihoods.

FAO said that famine often starts in rural areas and must be prevented in rural areas, agriculture cannot be an afterthought.