A Western Perspective Book on B&R Initiative

Added On May 14, 2017

A new book examining the Belt and Road Initiative was published in Beijing on Friday, just ahead of the Belt and Road Forum.

Titled Creating a Megatrend: the Belt and Road, it is the first book written by international authors from a Western perspective.

The co-authors of the book are U.S. futurists John Naisbitt and his wife, Austria futurists Doris Naisbitt, and U.S. economist Laurence Brahm.

By February 2017 more than 100 nations have joined the B&R initiative and more than 40 countries have signed cooperation agreements with China.

The book described B&R as a high potential and win-win project. It says the project is unusual, as it has had an ambitious scope since the very start.

"Usually it form a megatrend by popping up here, here, here……, many small trends that then form a big megatrend, but here it's going a opposite way. Here China is creating a megatrend platform, which all nations who want to do it, can join. So it's really creating a megatrend telling people what to do without dominate."

"China is not only opening up, it's helping people be successful within these new zones. It's helping people to connect with more others, and so on. It's a whole opening up."

The book says, the B&R opens the door to comprehensive development and shared opportunities with the world.

"It's providing knowledge, it's providing help. Because some of the countries, quite a number of the countries, need guidance, they don't need dominance, but they certainly need guidance. Countries don't know how to best build infrastructure, don't know what's the industry which comes first, and so on. So it's like having a mentor, you can take his advance, or you think you can do it on your own. And that's the very good thing of the platform model."

"One Belt and One Road is looking at economic empowerment and respect of identity. To all the countries, all the nations and the people across the One Belt One Road, this is a global game changer."

The book's Chinese version has already been published, an English version arrives in July...with plans for it to be translated it into over 30 languages.