Qomolangma clean-up campaign

Added On May 15, 2017

A huge clean-up campaign has been launched by Tibet Autonomous Region, in southwest China.
The campaign is to remove the waste and debris left by hikers at campsites across the high-altitude area around Mount Qomolangma.
The nine-day clean-up across the peak, also known as Everest, began on May 6. 
The campsites in question lie between 5,200 and 6,500 meters above sea level, on the north side of the world's highest mountain.
SOUNDBITE (CHINESE) NYIMA CERING, Tibet Sports Administration 
"This is the first time that we organize a general cleaning of such big scale below the advanced base camp. The waste will require about 100 yaks to complete the transportation."
The official said heightened human activity had left unacceptable levels of garbage on the "Roof of the World."
The official team, was joined by Chinese and foreign volunteers. 
Together they collected four tonnes of trash in the first five days.
About 60,000 people visit the north face of Mt. Qomolangma every year. In their wake, they leave tin cans, plastic bags, stove equipment, discarded tents, oxygen tanks and mountain climbing paraphernalia.
To combat future problems, the Tibet government has planned to install sorting, recycling and composting stations in the camping areas.