China-Europe freight train brings business

Added On May 15, 2017

Thanks to China's Belt and Road initiative, two cities in a distance of nearly 10,000 kilometers are linked by the China-Europe freight train across Asia and Europe.
The two cities are Chengdu, capital of southwest China's Sichuan Province, and the Polish city of Lodz.
A Polish Showroom has been operated for 10 months in Chengdu's Hi-tech Zone to display Polish products and promote cooperation platform for the two countries. 
"At the very beginning, we mostly focus on international trade. However, right now we're also trying to do different things, mostly trying to introduce Polish companies to the Chinese counterparts. We're hoping to do some projects related to agricultural technologies, education, travelling, but also we're hoping to promote Polish products here in China. ɾ(Before the train, it took at least 2 months for products from Poland to get here. Some products that didn't have a long expiration period were pretty much impossible for them to be sold in Chengdu. And also, for example, 10 years ago, not really many people back in Poland knew where Chengdu was and what it was.) Right now, thanks to the train, there are more and more people knowing about Chengdu. So Chengdu's also become an important point on the map of China for many Polish companies."
The Polish Showroom is the first Polish company that invested in Chengdu. 
It also launched a franchise on the Internet. So the cross-border e-commence helps the company directly sell products to Chinese consumers.
The other identity of the company is a partner of the China-Europe freight train in the Europe. 
"The biggest problem about Polish products here is that, many people don't really know much about Poland. So what we're trying to do is first promote Poland, the country itself. ɾ(so later when someone sees the product from Poland, he will be like: OK, I know Poland. It's a country in central Europe and so on.) So The products that we're working with at the moment are mostly food stuffs and alcohol. Because one of the most famous product In Poland is vodka. But I don't think Polish vodka's taste are very appealing to people here in Chengdu, so that's why we're focusing mostly on flavored vodka."
A total of 235 freight trains have ran from Chengdu in the first four months of 2017, importing products worthy 1.5 billion dollars.
More Polish companies are inspired by the opportunity and are willing to come to Chengdu.
"What I have to say is that there is very big interest of Polish companies coming to China and cooperating with Chinese firms. But actually many people in Poland don't really know how to start. That's why we come in. We help them to find a role for themselves in the Chinese market. And the same thing is about Chinese companies."
By the end of 2016, the China-Europe freight train has 39 rail lines and dispatched about 3,000 trains, involving 9 European countries and 14 cities.