Chinese company acquires pow!

Added On May 15, 2017

A Chinese company, Camsing International Holding, has acquired POW! Entertainment, the media and entertainment company founded by legendary comic creator Stan Lee.
Under the new structure, Stan Lee will remain as the Chief Creative Officer. The company will continue to grow its North American market, as well as to develop the Asian markets.
Soundbite: SHANE DUFFY, CEO of POW! Entertainment
"Characters will be coming at, developed in the Chinese characters. Directors, and different individuals from that part of the world will be now in the front line of some of our productions, we may be developing directly out of China or just for the China market from the educational level to all the way through full feature films."
POW! creates, develops, and licenses intellectual properties for traditional entertainment media, which has over 270 projects with more than 1000 characters.
Soundbite: STAN LEE, Comic creator
"Now we will have the ability to do more movies, we will have more money to spend to make our projects better and to accomplished more than we have been able to accomplish. So I am really thrilled at the prospect."
Soundbite: GILL CHAMPION, President of POW! Entertainment
"Taking the advantage of the IP and combining it with Stan's brand, and the expertise now that we have in Camsing whose experience in China includes a lot of different verities, licensing, merchandising, and certainly their knowledge of the market place seems to be the ideal opportunity for the cooperation."